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The routine. It’s so easy to get bogged down by it, especially when it’s getting toward the end of the school year, the calendar is growing ever more full, and you’re not sure if you’ll ever be able to stay awake past 9:00 again.

“It’s the no frills moments that don’t get captured but yet they are the heart of our family. These are the moments that are tedious at times but I know I’ll miss them as my kids get older. ” – Julianna in her first email to me

When I first met Julianna, I felt like I was sitting down with an old friend. We met at a local coffee shop to talk about the family session that she had won. She never enters contests, but she felt compelled to enter mine. And I’m truly thankful she did. Her family’s story is one of immense strength and carrying on after a loss no one should ever have to experience. But it’s also full of so much happiness and laughter.

We started their session shortly after their eldest son had gotten home from school. It was as normal of a weekday afternoon/evening as it could be in the Somerville home. Afternoon snack, playing outside, chores, dinner, reading together, and bedtime. But what was truly shown was how much love and making time for each other there was too. Taking a few minutes to play soccer and baseball together outside before starting on dinner. The fighting that last nap of the day, no matter how much Solomon really needed it. Josiah’s lingering sleepy cuddles trying to put off going to bed. Saying goodnight to Isaiah as he watches down from above. Celebrating that both boys were actually in bed at their bedtimes and they could have a much needed relaxing evening together.

That’s the thing about the no frills moments and the routine though. Every family’s is unique to them. It’s the time where you come back together as a family. It’s about who you are together and the times you’ll all look back on one day.


Mom picking up babyPink hair mom with 2 kids at tableFamily reading together on couchFamily reading together on couchMom cuddling sonBoy getting into bed

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